This is QUSHUM

Software based.

QUSHUM  has developed an integrated framework for a quality management systems, which is accessible on the internet. Because of the flexibility of the system the same framework can be used for many different companies.

Unlike other packages where you are sold the software and have to implement the system yourself, QUSHUM does the implementation for you and continues with the ongoing program of maintenance, audits and reviews.


Agile flexible dynamic.

System Implementation

Turnkey solution for implementing the correct systems for your business.

Internal Audits

Conduct internal audits on your current and new systems.

Supplier Audits

Audit your suppliers or potential suppliers on their management systems.

System Maintenance and Consulting

Maintain your systems using minimal resources. Receive consulting services with unique industry knowledge.

Conversion of existing ISO 9001 systems to software system

Convert your existing ISO 9001 system into a paperless online software based system that you can access at anytime from any device.

Our Story

Implementing and maintaining systems for over 20 years.

After having completed his MBA, John Stratoudakis founded QUSHUM in 2001 with the goal of servicing SMME’s that require ISO 9001 certification.

A strong reputation was built up over many years, with excellent client relationships at the center of the business. Till today, our first clients continue to use our services after over 20 years. 

This philosophy of long term client relationships and friendships remains at the heart of our business. 


Software Based.

Full systems have successfully been implemented, maintained and audited on the following standards.

industries Serviced

Unique insight from a diverse range of industries.

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