Qushum was formed to service SMME's that require ISO 9001:2015 certification.
SMME's have special requirements when it comes to implementing Quality Management Systems.
In most cases, they do not have the necessary computer infrastructure. Usually they do not have the expertise in-house and cannot afford to employ somebody fulltime to look after the system.

Qushum CC has developed an integrated Framework for a quality management system which is accessible on the internet. Because of the flexibility of the system the same framework is used for many companies thus helping to reduce costs.

Unlike other packages where you are sold the software and have to implement the system yourself, Qushum does the implementation for you and continues with the ongoing program of maintenance, audits and reviews for a monthly subscription fee.

Some of the features that make our system unique are:

  • Integrated customer complaint handling system.
  • Integrated customer satisfaction measurement.
  • Automatic alerts via email or SMS when activities become overdue.
  • Integrated online document control system.
  • Continuous support and maintenance.
  • Continuous measurement of improvement projects.
  • Access to a growing community of companies with shared knowledge and activities.

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